Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sofi's Ark!

So as many of you might know, I have just completed my masters degree in science communication at the University of Otago, Dunedin. Science Communication explores many different techniques and methods in communicating science to a general public. As science communicators we may make films, take photos, write stories whatever gets the job done! A couple of weeks ago, one of the students, Sofi  who has just started her masters this year, wanted me to help out and film her idea in explaining why some birds have brightly coloured males and dull coloured females. Sofi decided to use her considerable talents and construct a range of animal costumes and held a animal party at one of the local bars in Dunedin. While everyone was getting read in the makeup chair I managed to snap off a few frames of most of the animals featured. Everything was shot using my trusty Leica m6ttl with either a Leica Elmar 90mm or Voigtlander 40mm. The film used was Fujifilm pro 400h exposed at 200asa.

Claire the Giraffe

James the Bird

Joey the Bug

Lucy the Leopard

Nicole the Zebra and Clare the Giraffe

Ram the Tiger...put down that brownie!!!

A big thank you to Sofi for putting this on! I had a lot of fun and spent most of time either laughing or being suitably jealous that I didn't have a costume. The only problem I had was Ram the tiger who refused to pose for a photograph because he wanted to eat more brownies!


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