Friday, November 26, 2010

Neopan 1600 and Ice skating

If any of you have ever discussed photography with me, one thing comes quiet clear...I hate flash. Yes there is probably a time and a place for it but it seems that the digital market is saturated with young strobists who insist in using flash for almost every photo. Some of the results are in no doubt absolutely stunning but in my opinion there is something fairly unnatural about the results, also being someone who uses a Leica rangefinder I am stuck with a rather poor 1/50th of a second flash sync which in many cases is kinda useless. One of the joys of being a film-based photographer is using high speed black and white film. Coupled with a fast lens such as my Nokton 1.4, it means I can shoot practically in the dark!!   Until now I have had little experience with these films but an upcoming job required me to become familiar with these films so I order some rolls of Neopan 1600 from the always great Photo and Video International ( in Christchurch and took a roll with me to my friends birthday party at the local Ice rink. Here are some of the results...

The film was rated at 1600 iso and developed using AGFA Rodinal. The camera was a Leica M6TTL using Voigtlander 40mm Nokton. The negatives were scanned and tweaked in Photoshop CS4.


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