Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Line - Poetry and Jewelry collaboration

Okay, after several months of quick contracts and the odd freelance video work I have managed to finally finish off the photos from 'A New Line'. This was a evening where two art forms came together in a unusual tango to produce some very lovely outcomes. The idea was very simple. Several very well known New Zealand poets each had written some wonderful poems, they were then paired up with a equally talented jeweller who was then tasked to create jewelry inspired directly by the poems.

My task was not so glamorous as I was tasked to photograph the event after the organizers viewed some of my street photography work that has been on flickr for a couple of years. Like dream clients they gave me free reign for the event with one simple request...no flash! Brilliant. Time to roll out the last couple of rolls of that wonderful stuff known as Neopan 1600. Some of the lighting (or lack of lighting) made things rather tricky but below is just a taste of what the night was all about.



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